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A network of American schools, we are inspired by the best educational concepts from around the world: the freedom to choose subjects, individual approach, subjects divided according to competences, emphasis on practical learning, project-based learning and theme weeks. All classes are taught in English and led by a team of teachers from all over the world. 


American Academy is a network of American schools in Prague, Brno, Bratislava and Zagreb all of which are united by a single educational vision. We take an individualized approach to our students and expect the highest levels of professionalism as well as a willingness to listen from our teachers.

To ensure constant improvement, an anonymous satisfaction survey is regularly conducted among parents and students. Thanks to this openness to feedback, the American Academy -- especially over the past two years -- has seen minimal turnover in teachers and students when compared with other international schools.

The highest priority of American Academy is to lead the students towards great academic achievements through a quality program that prepares. Thanks to that our students achieve above average results compared to their peers and are accepted at prestigious universities all around the globe.

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Students in the 1st to 5th grade take courses in English, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, art, physical education and library skills. The curriculum is presented entirely in English, which prepares students for a smooth transition to our Middle School.


The Middle School program corresponds to grades 6 - 8 in the Czech, Slovak and Croatian educational system. It offers students a diverse range of subjects on which they can exercise a certain amount of choice so that they can focus more on the areas that really interest them.


High School students work to develop their strengths and focus on subjects that prepare them to study their dream disciplines at quality universities.


The STEM Program is available on Prague and Zagreb campus and is designed for Middle School and High School students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this specialized educational program, we acquaint our students with up-to-date technologies, informatics and scientific methods and at the same time show them how to apply them in everyday life.

School mission

American Academy is a school that educates leaders for the future. With our unique blend of American style curriculum and project-based learning, we teach more than academic knowledge. We put a significant emphasis on developing the social and practical skills necessary for a successful life in the 21st century. American Academy is a place where students are able to explore and maximize their potential.

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for 2023/24 academic year

American Academy is a school that develops students’ talent and character in a safe and friendly environment where children will be happy to go to every morning.

We accept applications throughout the whole academic year. You can submit your application via e-mail or mail. 

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See for yourself that learning can be engaging and support curiosity. Our students develop skills necessary for a successful life at the professional level already in high school.

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