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Vision of our Headmaster

American Academy's primary goal is to educate students so that they are capable of succeeding in any field that they choose. By providing a well-rounded curriculum that offers students opportunities to explore and specialize, AA allows students to find their talents and expand upon them. Through thematic and project-based learning, academic concepts will be brought to life and given real-life applications, enhancing student engagement and understanding.

As the Headmaster of the American Academy, it is a pleasure to work with students from all over the world with goals as varied as their backgrounds. I appreciate the dreams and aspirations of each individual student and, along with our teaching and administrative teams, strive to both challenge and support them on their paths to success.

We at AA work hard to offer students opportunities to experience the results of what they are learning through varied individual and group projects. These projects also provide opportunities for leadership development and for the integration of personal interest into the academic plans. The myriad talents of our students and their abilities to rise to the high expectation of their teachers, peers and the community are endlessly impressive. I invite you to visit our website and our school to learn more about the exciting future that our students are constructing for themselves at the American Academy.

Brandon B Moseley

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We bring you the best from American education. At the American Academies, we focus on the individuality of each student. This is why they have the freedom of choosing the classes they want to study. Our priority is to prepare students for a successful life, boost their confidence and develop their talents. We do this through project-based and thematic learning.

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Our Campuses

The school environment is similar to the standard, high-quality schools in the US. This makes our schools stand out in Central Europe. We believe that only in an open, familial environment can students really grow. Take a look.

Open Day at American Academy

Come to see for yourself that learning can be engaging and at the same time students can develop their talents at a very professional level. We would like to introduce you to the modern education principles which inspired us in creating our curriculum.

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PRAGUE - February 6th | BRNO - March 4th | BRATISLAVA - March 3rd

Open Day

at the American Academy in Prague

January 23rd

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