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About us

We are American Academy

We believe that anyone has the power to change the world. Our philosophy is that in order to achieve that, one should first receive a high-quality education that develops healthy confidence in one’s individuality as well as the ability to master complex thinking processes. We put an emphasis on each particular area of education by employing modern methods, project-based learning and American know-how.


American Academy is a network of American schools which is operated by the leading educational group in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, called JK Education. JK Education advises and intermediates study at the best-quality private high schools and universities in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Switzerland.
JK Education also focuses on university admissions advising for universities in the USA, organises education fairs throughout Central Europe, and operates Pražské humanitní gymnázium, which is a private eight-year and four-year high school in Prague.

Progressive american education

American Academy was founded as an alternative to the current international high schools in Prague, Brno and from September 2019 in Bratislava. Most of these international schools have based their courses on the British curriculum or the International Baccalaureate program. The American Academy’s curriculum is based on American and Canadian scholar systems, which - unlike the British one - allow the students to choose the subjects they want to study and specialize in the fields they want to focus on later on in life. It focuses on the development of competences, independence, as well as creativity through thematic and project-based learning. JK Education was inspired by its partner schools around the world, where it has been sending talented students, and from where these student graduates get accepted into some of the best universities in the world.

Thanks to its unique concept, the American Academy attracts many competent and talented students and teachers from the Czech Republic, and around the world. JK Education is led by Ondřej Kania, CEO and co-founder of the educational group and the investment fund ESPIRA Investments.

Ondřej Kania

CEO of JK Education

Our goal is to build a network of high quality international schools which would be the alternative to the British international schools. We are creating the schools we would love to study ourselves. Who doesn’t dream about a school where one can choose what they want to study? Which parent doesn’t want their children to be excited about going to school? The goal of American Academy is to help every student to recognize and develop their potential in the things they like and on which they want to focus on at the university or in professional life.

Andrea Ferancová Bartoňová

Founding Partner of ESPIRA and Chair of its Board

Škola má nadchnout a inspirovat, ne nutit k učení. Když si vzpomenu, jak nerada jsem chodila do školy, jak mě nutili se učit zpaměti fyzikální tabulky. Nutili nás sedět na jednom místě v lavici, mlčet. Velice mě těší, když vidím, že nám pod rukama roste úplně odlišný svět, kde si děti povídají a zároveň se u toho učí. Když jsem studovala na Harvardu, naprostá většina přednášek byla dechberoucí, zajímavá - a to si pamatuji dodnes.

Our Campuses

Our students are given the opportunity to experience a school environment that is based on similar American schools. We have established schools in Prague, Bratislava and Brno with features that are truly extraordinary in Central Europe. We believe that a personal and open atmosphere helps our students reach their full potential. Take a closer look at our schools.


We opened our first American Academy to students in the 2017/2018 academic year. The school proved to be an immediate success and within a single year, it has become a stable alternative and clear choice for students and parents who expect more from their school’s educational experience. Read more about a truly American school.
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The success of the first American Academy in Prague led us to the idea of establishing another academy in the center of Brno in the Jalta Palace. Take a closer look at our second school.
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Slovakia finally has its first truly American high school. Take a closer look at the school scheduled to open in September 2019.
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Institutional partnership with FOXCROFT ACADEMY

By partnering with the Foxcroft Academy, American Academy can teach the American education Program and issue a high school diploma (the equivalent of a Czech maturita). American Academy is an International school recognized by the Ministry of Education of youth and sports of the Czech Republic. Foxcroft Academy is a high-quality boarding and day school that successfully places its students on the best universities in the USA every year, including Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley and more. The partnership also includes exchange programmes for students of the 11th year who will be interested in them.

This partnership enables American Academy to exchange practical experience with a highly respected academic institution in terms of educational methods, college counseling, and teacher training.

Open Day

at the American Academy in Prague

January 23rd

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