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American Academy in Bratislava

Thanks to the great interest in American Academy in Prague, we have decided to bring the American school to Slovakia as well. American Academy is a new international school in the centre of Bratislava. The school offers students aged 14 to 17 years an authentic American education. Our know-how comes from the experience of our mother school – the prestigious Foxcroft Academy, a boarding school in Maine in the USA with almost two-hundred years of tradition. The work of our teachers from all over the world is based on their individualized approach with students. Each student can choose classes from a wide range of subjects which will truly develop his or her potential. Our graduates have a clear idea of their ambitions and are ready for success in life.



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A True American School

American Academy is a high school that takes the best features from the American educational system. The school year is divided into three trimesters and, at the beginning of every trimester, students choose five classes from a wide range of subjects which help develop their potential. Every trimester includes a themed project that lasts a week or more. During this time, all students and teachers work together on a singular project. Project-based learning allows students to test and apply the knowledge they accumulate in their classes.

Our graduates exceed their peers in their ability to adapt to the real world. They enter the adult world with ambition and are ready for success. Graduates of American Academy receive a high school diploma which opens the way for students to attend universities all over the world.


Our students are introduced to the very best education the American system has to offer. The American Academy schools focus on the individual. Our schools provide modern teaching methods that have been found lacking in Central Europe.

What Makes Us Unique

The students are given freedom of choice when it comes to choosing their subjects. Our priority is to prepare them for a successful life by increasing their confidence and developing their talents. We achieve this by means of project and thematic learning.

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What Our Students Say about Our School

Nothing can describe what a school is like better than the students themselves. Read stories of students whose lives have been changed by their experience at the American Academy.

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American Academy in Prague

We opened our first American Academy to students in the 2017/2018 academic year. The school proved to be an immediate success and within a single year, it has become a stable alternative and clear choice for students and parents who expect more from their school’s educational experience. Read more about a truly American school.

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pod lampou

POD LAMPOU with co-founder of American Academy

Why did founder Ondrej Kania choose to study in the USA? Why did he return to the Czech Republic? How does he want to change the educational offerings in Europe for students?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we understand tailored education?

It is common that students at American schools are not divided into classes by their age or grade/year, but by level of difficulty in their subjects.

They have fewer subjects than Czech schools but study more intensively in different difficulty levels.

Students can choose their subject level; if they do not feel strong in mathematics, they may choose a lower level. They will learn the essentials about financial literacy and how to use percents, simple proportion, geometry, etc.

If they demonstrate a higher skill in the humanities, they can choose a higher level in those subjects. The subject will get more demanding and complex, so students will spend more time on them. As a result, students learn in small classes with similar levels of skill. Thus, a teacher can adopt a more individualized approach to every student.

What is project-based learning?

This learning style helps students to learn by doing.
Project-based learning entails working in teams, solving problems, using appropriate information, communicating, working independently, and fostering creativity.
All of these are important skills to have for a successful life.

Project-based learning develops these skills every day. Students divide into teams that work on projects together. They prepare a summary of their work and present it to other students. A teacher is there to coordinate and help the students.

What is thematic learning?

Thematic learning is a complex learning method focused on modern world topics. At the end of the first and the second trimesters there will be two intensive weeks dedicated to learning about a specific topic.

Students investigate historical, biological, physical, and entrepreneurial perspectives.

What is the focus of American Academy?

Our students and their achievements. It is up to them to choose what they really want to study. We are here to guide them and support them. We teach everything in English. Our goal is to prepare our students for a successful life in the 21st century.
We do this by helping them discover their passions and supporting them to reach their potential. Thanks to American accreditation we can add subjects like Marketing, Management, Business, Politics, and International Affairs.

How does the admission process work?

We want to know as much as possible about our students before admission. Therefore, we ask each applicant to write an essay, participate in a personal interview with a representative of the selection committee and complete a test in English.

What is the minimum required level of English?

Students’ English level should be at least B1 to understand all subjects in the lower level. But don’t worry; students learning only in English improve quickly, and soon they are able to understand complex topics.

Where can students go to university if they attend AA?

U.S. high school diplomas are accepted everywhere in the world. Students are offered the opportunity to prepare for and successfully complete SAT and ACT- the American university entrance exams - as well as SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) single subject examinations that are needed for applications to European universities.

Where are the teachers & students from?

Our students are from more than 25 different nations and bring an immense amount of flavor to the school through their life experiences, interests and skills. Our teachers are also internationally experienced and educated.

What classes do students have to take?

Students have the freedom to choose the courses that fit their talents and interests within each academic department. Our course catalog is extensive and always growing to stay modern and fun. See our "Classes" section on the website for some of the current offerings.

Do you have payment options?

We do. After making the non-refundable deposit to secure a seat in the school, the remaining tuition can be divided into a maximum of three payments.

What's the difference between American and other curricula?

The two primary differences are the freedom to choose your courses and the absence of generic examinations. All of our students must study English, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Sciences, but they are allowed to choose the courses they are interested in within each department. Due to this, we do not have exams such as the maturita, IB and IGCSE. Instead, our students are graded on their performance, participation, effort and skill development throughout each term and are given the opportunity to quantify their knowledge through AP examinations and SAT subject tests in their final year of study.




High school

7 500 EUR

Middle school

6 500 EUR

This price is only for students who will start study at American Academy in 2019/2020 academic year.

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