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The American Academy Elementary School is an international elementary school in Prague and Brno for children from 6 to 12 years old. We approach each student as an individual first  and through project-based and thematic teaching we enable children to both learn and apply that learning across a wide range of real-world topics and situations. Our teachers come from all around the globe and study is done exclusively in English. This exposure to the wider world at such a young age offers students a rare advantage for later in life.


American Academy is a network of American schools in Prague, Brno, Bratislava and Zagreb, all of which are united by a single educational vision. To ensure constant improvement, an anonymous satisfaction survey is regularly conducted among parents and students. Thanks to this openness to feedback, the American Academy -- especially over the past two years -- has seen minimal turnover in teachers and students when compared with other international schools.

We take an individualized approach to our students and expect the highest professionalism and a willingness to listen from our teachers. And so we are very pleased that the vast majority of American Academy parents consider our teachers as such mentors and role-models for their children. They say the American Academy is a high-quality educational institution, and that their children feel safe here.

We also strive to create a family environment in which students are part of a community of unique individuals who can work together as one cohesive whole. 

Via regular lessons, students will receive a comprehensive education in the fields of English, mathematics, natural and social sciences, world languages, culture, physical education, art and library skills. This will provide them a solid basis for further study at prestigious schools.

Why american academy

Teaching in English

Project-based education

Experienced teachers from all over the world

Family environment and individualized approach

Individual meeting
A curriculum inspired by the world

Our curriculum draws on global educational programs, particularly those from the USA and Finland. American Academy Middle and High School students have the opportunity to choose for themselves which subjects they want to pursue, and our goal is that they develop the social and practical skills from an early age which they will one day use in all aspects of their lives.

A comprehensive educational program

The American Academy is based on a quality educational program that provides comprehensive knowledge and skills. Hand in hand with this is our individualized approach, which treats all students as individuals first, and a pleasant family environment which helps to develop the overall personality of students.

Elementary School is seamlessly followed by our Middle School and High School programs, which prepare students for the most prestigious universities around the world.

Project-based education from an early age

From an early age, we teach children that it is not important simply to remember information. Instead we put special emphasis on the understanding of and ability to present that information.

Project-based education helps students understand information while teaching them how to work in a larger team and perform the tasks for which they are responsible.


We believe it is crucial that our students acquire a comprehensive knowledge and skill set that will prepare them for further study and successful lives.


In this class, students will learn to communicate their own views effectively in both speech and writing and gain up-to-date information about today's world through age-appropriate discussions, texts and projects.

Study areas:

Literature, Informational Texts, Foundational Reading Skills, Communication, Writing and Language


This class will cover basic mathematical operations as well as geometry and measurement. Students will apply this knowledge directly to real-world examples.

Study areas:

Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Geometric shapes, Measurement and Data, Calculating Volume and Density


Czech language courses will be offered for native speakers as well as foreigners who want to learn. Students can also study Spanish (grade 3-5).

Study areas:

Czech Language and Literature, Spanish language (grade 3-5)


Students will participate in physical activities appropriate to their abilities while learning about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the integration of sports into their lives.

Study areas:

Diet, Sports and Athletics, Mental and Physical Health


Lessons will mostly be centered around the creation of students’ own works of art, but they will also focus on the interpretation of art and learn to recognize various forms and styles.

Study areas:

Creation and Expression, Understanding Art, Form, Style and Technique


Students will seek and utilize sources of information as well as learn to sort, analyze and draw conclusions from that sourced information.

Study areas:

Basic Research, Locating Sources, Cataloguing, Searching Databases, Problem-solving


In addition to our American-style curriculum, American Academy offers trimesterly Theme Weeks inspired by Finnish academic tradition. During Theme Week, students collaborate on projects with classmates school-wide, working as a team, sharing and completing tasks, communicating and thinking critically on a given subject.

Tution Fees 2022/2023

Elementary School

190,000 CZK*
*We will provide information on the fee for securing the root school individually.

Elementary School

319,000 CZK*
*We will provide information on the fee for securing the root school individually.


Applicant's suitability will be assessed on an individual basis with a focus on gross and fine motor skills, expressive abilities, mathematical imagination and social maturity.

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Learning Stages

Elementary School

Students in the 1st to 5th grade take courses in English, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, art, physical education and library skills. The curriculum is presented entirely in English, which prepares students for a smooth transition to our Middle School.

Middle School

The Middle School program corresponds to grades 6-8 in the Czech educational system. It offers students a diverse range of subjects on which they can exercise a certain amount of choice so that they can focus more on the areas that really interest them.

High School

High School students work to develop their strengths and focus on subjects that prepare them to study their dream disciplines at quality universities around the world. We pay maximum attention to counseling and preparation for university studies at this level.

Individual meeting

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