American Academy in Prague

1st - 12th Grade

Studujte na mezinárodní škole v Praze. Díky unikátní vzdělávací koncepci poskytujeme studentům příležitost objevovat a specializovat se, nalézt svůj talent a využít ho.

We teach differently

Yvonne Crawford

Head of American Academy in Prague

American Academy in Prague is a cutting-edge school helping to educate the leaders of the future. We offer an American-style curriculum with project-based learning that allows our students to choose subjects that interest them. Not only do we prepare students to study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, we help our students to become proactive global citizens who can help shape the world.

Our signature theme weeks allow students to learn how to collaborate effectively with others, build a strong team and think in creative ways to search for solutions, while stepping out of the classroom. Our faculty and staff help to foster an environment for students to grow as individuals and together with the students we work to create an amazing learning environment.

Quality American Education

American Academy is a network of American schools with campuses in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. The whole network has a unified educational concept. It is important that American Academy keeps moving forward and satisfies the parents’ and students’ needs. At the end of each trimester, there is a school-wide anonymous survey investigating overall satisfaction with the school.

We put emphasis on individual approach, professionalism and openness. That is why we are happy that the majority of parents perceive our teachers as very open and helpful. They perceive American Academy as a quality educational institution and all of them agree that their child feels safe at school.

The utmost priority of American Academy is to lead the students towards great academic achievements through a quality program that prepares them for studying at universities all around the globe. Our students achieve above average results compared to their American peers in the HSGE tests, with an average of 70 points.

V září 2020 spouštíme nový STEM Program (věda, technologie, inženýrství, matematika). Hlavním cílem programu je seznámení žáků s aktuálními technologickými informatickými a vědeckými metodami či nástroji a naučit je je aplikovat v praktickém životě a budoucí kariéře.

Why study at american academy


Stem programme

In September 2020, we’re opening a new, carefully prepared STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). Our ambition is to build a program that is comparable to the STEM programs at top-quality American private schools. The number of students accepted is limited to 10 for middle school (Grades 6 - 7) and 12 for high school (Grades 9 - 10). Students of the STEM program will study first four hours with the students of the comprehensive program. After that, they will study one of 3 units that will change throughout the week.

STEM program is designed so it would fulfill worldwide demand for education in technology, engineering, science and maths. The students will work with modern technology and cutting-edge processes in IT and science and will learn how to apply them in everyday life or their future career.

RnDr. Jakub Haláček

Assistant Director for STEM

Jakub Haláček graduated from Theoretical Physics at Charles University and started to work as a Physics teacher at PORG grammar school. In past 8 years he has worked, except teaching itself, as an admission counselor for PORG schools. He also has run the only Czech robotic team which participates in FIRST Robotics Competition and prepared online course AP Physics 1. He attended schooling in Finland, at Oxford, AP Seminar, Microsoft ALICE Envisions the Future conference and many others.

Stem programme blocks

Software and Computer Science

Programming, algorithmic thinking and proper use of computing power and SW tools.

Algorithmic thinking, basic and advanced programming, creation and operating with WEB, multimedia, PC games and mobile applications development.

Basic computer skills – safety, cloud service, data flows, knowledge and computing instruments use. Information flow understanding, critical evaluation of sources, safety on web and security.

Machine teaching, AI in practice, cloud solutions, BigData – understanding and operating.

Typographical principles and high-quality writing

Science, Engineering and Technology

IoT (Internet of Things) – basic and advanced solutions

Hardware – computers, servers, network, mobile technology

Microelectronics – Micro:bit, arduino, Raspberry Pi

3D graphics and modeling, Design and production. Idea-Product process.

Science in practice and theory. Experiments’ proposals, evaluation and data interpreting.

Problem-solving of tasks, critical thinking and orientation in the changing world of technology.


Preparation for competitions as LEGO, VEX robotic, FIRST robotics

Support of teamwork and creativity and manual dexterity development.

Competing leads to goal-orientation and ability to lead, collaborate, plan and communication.

Robotics is integrating and amusing element of STEM program.

3D graphics and modeling, design-product process, SAM labs.

Manual dexterity and handwork.

CNC production based on a model.

Subjects offered

We believe it is crucial that our students have easy access to knowledge that is not usually taught at schools. That is why we offer a wide variety of curriculum choices, which encourages students to focus on what really interests them and what they enjoy.

Foundations of Literature & Composition 3
World Literature 3
American Literature 3
Speech Communication 1
Creative Writing 2
Business Communication* 1
Poetry & Lyrics 1
Publishing 1
AP English Literature and Composition* 3
Contemporary Literature 3
Pro studenty hlásících se do 9. třídy:
Je nutné získat
za 12 trimestrů
Algebra I* 3
Geometry* 3
Algebra II* 3
Pre-Calculus* 3
AP Calculus AB* 3
Pro studenty hlásící se do 9. třídy:
Je nutné získat
za 12 trimestrů
United States History 3
International Relations 2
Psychology 3
Microeconomics* 1
Macroeconomics* 1
World History 3
AP Economics* 3
Current Events 1
Pro studenty hlásící se do 9. třídy:
Je nutné získat
za 12 trimestrů
Spanish I 3
Spanish II* 3
Spanish III* 3
Chinese I 3
Chinese II* 3
Chinese III* 3
German I 3
German II* 3
Pro studenty hlásící se do 9. třídy:
Je nutné získat
za 12 trimestrů
Integrated Sciences 3
Biology* 3
AP Computer Science Principles* 3
Conceptual Physics 3
Physics* 3
Pro studenty hlásící se do 9. třídy:
Je nutné získat
za 12 trimestrů
Academic English and Writing Support 3
Business I 2
Personal Finance 1
CZch for Native Speakers* 3
CZch for Non-Native Speakers* 3
Health & Nutrition & Wellness 3
Pro studenty hlásící se do 9. třídy:
Je nutné získat
za 12 trimestrů
* prerekvizita
Uvedené kurzy jsou platné pro akademický rok 2019/2020. V dalším roce se bude nabídka rozšiřovat.

Theme weeks

In addition to our American based curriculum, American Academy offers theme weeks inspired by Finnish academic traditions. During theme weeks, there is a school-wide project that develops skills and competencies such as communication, team work, collaboration, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking or project management.
Magic and Mysteries

During theme week students experienced a lot of different things – some students went to escape rooms in Prague, some students went on a haunted statues tour, other students went on a cave trip, and some students even went to Kutná Hora. They experienced these things in order to learn much needed skills which helped them to organize their own final projects based on the same Magic and Mysteries theme.

These final projects included: our phenomenal Haunted House, our own puzzling escape room, podcasts, a charity bake sale, an art exhibition, a magic show, and the list goes on and on. Proceeds from the Haunted House, Escape Room and the Bake Sale which raised money for SOS Children’s Villages (SOS Dětské vesničky).

The River

In the beginning, the students had to ask themselves some questions regarding how have rivers shaped human history and how do humans now shape rivers? Once the list of questions and workshops descriptions were finalized, they were asked to rank their choices so the teachers could create a customized Theme Week schedule for each student. Some workshops were held in the school in a classroom, others were on site in the water treatment plant, exploring the city of Pilsen, canoeing, creating art, making a short film, and a two-day hike exploring the Labe River. At the end of the week, all the staff and students gathered for an assembly where different groups presented what they learned, including a song, several videos and a skit. The school also created a "gallery walk" with drawings, games, and other visual representations of what each group learned during their workshop.

Treasures of Prague

A group of ten students and a teacher explored Prague’s treasures: museums, monuments, food, transportation, landmarks, the river, and the people. Some of the more noteworthy trips included a tour and workshop at the Jewish Synagogue; a walking tour showing secret treasures of Prague, and a lecture by a holocaust survivor. During Thursday of that week, each group made a special tour and picture scavenger hunt in the morning and then the different groups switched tours and ran around Prague and saw Prague through their classmates eyes. The winner of the best tour and scavenger hunt won a pizza party. Students then created a product like a song, a presentation, a website and more that captured what they had learned during the whole week. It was followed by a school-wide assembly where students showcased their final products.


Admission process

Don’t expect long tests; we are mostly interested in the student’s character and enthusiasm. That is why we focus on a personal interview and written essays. For the academic year 2020/21, we have spots for 160 students.
Personal interview
Test of mathematics
Stem programme only
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Cost of study
Lower School
1st - 5th
290 000 Kč
Middle School
6th - 8th
325 000 Kč
High School
9th - 12th
350 000 Kč
STEM Program Middle School
7th - 8th
360 000 Kč
STEM Program High School
9th - 10th
385 000 Kč

Profil absolventa
- 2019 -

An American Academy graduate is a confident young person who is engaged in the immediate world around them and will be mindful of those that exist around them. They have developed confidence, solve problems actively, and always take full ownership of their actions. They have discovered what their main values are and are able to act upon them.

Graduating from an international school, the students are ready to begin higher education anywhere in the world, including the highest ranking universities.

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American Academy

We invite you to come and see for yourself a place where learning is engaging and students develop their talents at a very professional level. We would like to introduce you to the modern education principles which inspired us in creating our curriculum. The Open Day is held from 4 pm.

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