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American Academy Online is the 6th private school of American Academy School Network which belongs to a prominent Educational Group in Central Europe, JK Education, which is focused on American style education and owns and operates amongst other projects in education a network of private schools. Our desire with this project is to spread our educational concept, values, and philosophy to students who don’t live in countries where our brick-mortar schools are present and since there has been a strong interest in all of our activities in the past years, we are now able to invest significantly in American Academy Online and provide such tuition fee to prospective students and parents which is significantly lower than other private online schools around the world.



At American Academy Online, students can choose to focus on their strengths, while getting a well-rounded education that will prepare them for applying to prestigious universities around the world. Students can concentrate on learning business skills like marketing and global entrepreneurship or they can concentrate for example on STEM classes by taking computer programming, as well as, environmental science.

Our online students also participate in our signature theme weeks. Theme weeks help our students learn how to work as part of a team, digitally around the world while stepping away from their virtual classrooms to work on a themed project.

Even though American Academy Online is a virtual school, our aim is to maintain the same family-like atmosphere that is seen throughout our other schools. Our faculty and staff are committed to fostering a safe online environment for students to grow as individuals in order to achieve their goals.

Yvonne Crawford, Head of American Academy Online.


flexible program suitable for busy students
Theme weeks – connecting students around the world
world class college counseling
freedom to choose subject
NCAA® approved courses
Students Can Study at their own pace
online courses available 24/7
american High School Diploma

American Academy Online currently accepts high school applications
for 2022/2023 school year.

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Who is a student of American Academy Online?

Athletes or other students with special weekly schedule, who are looking for a flexible online high school

Students who want to finish American high school, but are not able to travel either to the United States to study, or are not able to study at an American International School in their respective countries.

Students who are looking to gain extra credits or credit recovery

What is the difference between American Academy Online and other online high schools?

American Academy Online is an online, global high school program of American Academy network which is one of the leading international school networks in Central Europe and consists of five brick and mortar schools. Therefore we, as an organization, are not just an online school, we have dozens of teachers and hundreds of students physically studying at our schools with some of them also taking advantage of our American Academy Online program.

Operating brick and mortar schools means that we are government regulated, and we have gone through many different approval processes to ensure that our school maintains a high level of educational standards. By having a successful network of international schools, American Academy Online has the resources to ensure that the program is of a top quality compared to others offered around the world.

Subject offerings for 2022/2023 school year

Introduction to archeology
Introduction to anthropology
Holocaust studies
intro to philosophy
Music appreciation
Intro to visual arts
Cinema and film production
Intro to fashion design
Intro to veterinary science
Intro to visual arts


In addition to our American based curriculum, American Academy offers theme weeks inspired by Finnish educational system. During theme weeks, there is a school-wide project that develops skills and competencies such as communication, team work, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking or project management. Students from all around the world studying American Academy Online digitally collaborate and work together with classmates from all around the world on a collective project.

Admissions process

Don’t expect long tests; we are mostly interested in the student’s character and enthusiasm.
That is why we focus on an interview and written essays.

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Tuition fees*

1050 EUR
per semester
1750 EUR
for a school year

What is included

American middle and high school online education

College Counselling to choose the best university for each of our students.

SAT prep program offered in both the summer and during the school year. Learn SAT study skills for English and math while earning additional high school credits.

Individual consultation

See for yourself that learning can be engaging and support curiosity. Our students develop skills necessary for a successful life at the professional level already in high school.

Set up an individual meeting. 


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