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American Academy in prague

School Profile 2018-2019

Head of School: Ana Hernandez Blackstad, M.Ed.

Supervising Director: Ondřej Lepka

Main Office: +420 703 141 010

School Mission

American Academy is a school that educates leaders for the future. With our unique blend of American style curriculum and project-based learning, we teach more than academic knowledge. We put a significant emphasis on developing the social and practical skills necessary for a successful life in the 21st century. American Academy is a place where students are able to explore and maximize their potential.


American Academy in Prague was established as a private school in 2017. Located in Prague’s District 4 – Nusle, American Academy is conveniently located approximately 15 minutes from Prague’s historic Old Town. As the capital of Czechia, Prague offers students a rich array of cultural, historic, natural and architectural resources to enhance their education.



  • 105 students
  • 27 different nationalities

Average Class Size:

  • 15

Accreditation / Partnerships:

  • Recognized international school Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
  • Institutional partnership with Foxcroft Academy


  • 13 teachers
  • Head of School
  • Deputy Head of School
  • 2 office assistants


  • High-speed WIFI network
  • iTunes U, Kahoot, Google classroom
  • An Apple Recognized School


  • The year is divided into trimesters
  • High school students attend five, 70-minute-long periods per day
  • Middle school students attend 6, 60-minute periods per day

Admissions Information

American Academy welcomes students whose academic promise, motivation, and personal integrity will contribute positively to the school environment. Admission is based upon the student’s school record, a personal essay, English and math test and a personal interview with the Head of School and/or member of the Faculty Admissions Committee. An interview is required for admission, either in person or by Skype. All prospective students and their families are invited to visit the school and schedule a meeting with the Head of School or member of the Admissions Committee.

Grading System

American Academy in Prague uses letter grades for evaluation of students. From each subject, students receive a grade at the end of each trimester that marks their proficiency. From grades is then every term calculated Grade Point Average (GPA). If students receive GPA 2.0 or lower, teachers will propose study strategy in order to improve their academic performance. Grade “D” is the lowest grade that the students can obtain and still pass the course while receiving credit. Official honor roll is calculated every trimester based on a student’s GPA score. Students will be named to the High Honor Roll at the end of each trimester if their GPA is 3.667 and above. If the GPA is 3.25 to 3.666 they will be named to the Honor Roll. The grading scale is as following:

Along with a letter grade, indicating mastery of academic course content, each student will earn a Conduct and Effort grade for each course. The Conduct and Effort grade is determined by several factors:

Readiness to learn

arrive on time with required materials

Assignments / Homework

turn in on-time, neat, and complete


participate fully in class exercises and labs


be cooperative, attentive, and respectful

Commitment to learning

actively seek help when needed

An Excellent conduct and effort mark recognizes the student who consistently arrives to class on time with required materials and submits all classwork and homework on time. The student fully and freely participates in class activities and discussions, demonstrates leadership in his or her lab group, and shows genuine interest in, and enthusiasm for, the topics being studied.

Good conduct and effort marks are awarded to students who arrive to class on time with required materials, who have completed all of their assignments and turned in the majority on time, who are cooperative and respectful, and who consistently contribute to the class in a positive way.

A Satisfactory conduct and effort grade is indicative of a student who arrives to class on time with the required materials, who completes most of the assigned work to the best of their ability, frequently submits the work in a timely fashion, participates in group work, and has a positive attitude toward the class.

Poor conduct and effort marks are received by students who are frequently tardy or do not bring required materials, often submit assignments late or incomplete, exhibit little interest or energy in their approach to the coursework, or commonly behave in a disruptive manner during class.

An Unsatisfactory conduct and effort mark is reserved for the student who submits few completed assignments on time, who is repeatedly uncooperative or disruptive in the classroom, and/or shows little respect for his or her peers or the learning process.

Academic Requirements

The school year is divided into three trimesters and every student chooses five classes from a wide range of subjects at the beginning of each academic year. Students will then study those subjects every day during the term in classes that last 70 minutes. Course can last one to two trimesters or the entire school year. Every student is recommended to meet with the academic counselor at least once per term. At the end of each trimester, students will receive grades and earn credits for each subject if the grade is a D or above.

In case that the student earns less than 5 credits or GPA lower than 2.0 in the trimester he will be placed on Academic Warning, which means that he will be offered effective study tips and private lessons from teachers in order to improve their performance.

Graduation Requirements

Total number of credits required for graduation: 56 credits minimum, 60 recommended

Earn credits in the following mandatory courses:

English Communications


credits in order to receive



credits in order to receive



credits in order to receive

Social Sciences


credits in order to receive

World Languages


6 credits in a single language

Style of Education

American Academy is a high school that takes the best features from the American educational system combined with project-based learning inspired by the educational system in Finland. Every trimester includes a themed project that lasts a week or more. During this time, all students and teachers work together on a singular project. Project-based learning allows students to test and apply the knowledge they accumulate in their classes. The themes for 2017-2018 were Haunted House, Colonization of Mars, and Refugee Crisis. For 2018-2019, the themes planned are Haunted House II, Treasures of Prague, and The River.



American Academy in Prague offers wide range of courses, which students can study. They will choose at the beginning of every year from the categories of Mathematics, English Communications, Social Science, Science, World Language and Electives. Subjects that are offered from those categories are as following:


Algebra I
Algebra II
Personal Finance
Intro to Calculus


AP Environmental Science
Integrated Science
Modern Technology

World Languages

Spanish I
Spanish II
German I
German II
Chinese I
AP Chinese


High School Orientation
Physical Education
Business I
Business II

English Communications

English Composition & Literature
World Literature
Creative Writing
AP English Literature & Composition

Business Communications
Myths & Legends

Social Sciences

United States History
AP European History
Systems of Government
International Relations

European History

AP Classes

American Academy in Prague also offers different Advanced Placement (AP) courses to students that are interested in college-level subjects. Every student who wants to register for AP subjects has to satisfy prerequisites and obtain approval from the teacher.

Independent Studies

Students with interests beyond the regular curriculum are encouraged to ask a faculty member to oversee an Independent Study program. Independent Study programs are for the enrichment and extension of the regular curriculum.

Student Activities

American Academy in Prague offers a wide range of after-school activities. There is available schedule of activities for every day in which can students participate. Art and music activities: Acting, Prague Boys Choir, Guitar & Ukulele Musical Group, Urban Photography, Filmmaking, Sextet Acapella Singing Team, Street Dancing, Art, Rock Band & Jamming.

Art and music

Prague Boys Choir
Guitar & Ukulele Musical Group Urban Photography
Sextet Acapella Singing Team Street Dancing
Rock Band & Jamming


Indoor Skydiving
High School Basketball
Rock Climbing

World Languages

SAT Exam Prep
Additional Language Tutoring (Ukrainian, Russian, and Czech)


Leather Working
Model United Nations
Public Speaking
Study Spac
Spanish Tutoring
Board Games
Business Club

In addition, students can participate in our exchange program with Foxcroft Academy in Maine, USA. Two students from American Academy will study at Foxcroft Academy each academic year and in return, they will send two students to American Academy in Prague. Students can choose if they want to travel for a trimester or a semester.

Institutional partnership with Foxcroft Academy

Díky partnerství s Foxcroft Academy může American Academy vyučovat podle amerických osnov a vydávat high school diploma (ekvivalent české maturity). American Academy je mezinárodní školou uznanou Ministerstvem mládeže, tělovýchovy a sportu České republiky. Foxcroft Academy je velice kvalitní internátní škola s denním programem, jejíž absolventi se dostávají na ty nejlepší univerzity v USA, jako jsou Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley a další. Partnerství také zahrnuje výměnné programy pro studenty 11. ročníku.

This partnership enables American Academy in Prague to exchange practical experience with a highly respected academic institution in terms of educational methods, college counseling, and teacher training.

Future American Academy Graduates

American Academy will graduate its first group of students in June, 2019. Although our students are currently embarking on the college application process, one of our current Seniors was selected to attend Yale University’s summer school program in summer 2018, and students self-report SAT test scores in excess of 1250. By this time next year, we hope to report similar positive news from our first American Academy in Prague alumni!

Open Day

at the American Academy in Prague

January 23rd

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