American academy in Zagreb

A new International High School in Zagreb
9th–12th grade
A network of American schools, we are inspired by the best educational concepts from around the world: the freedom to choose subjects, an approach to each student as an individual, subjects divided according to competency rather than age, an emphasis on practical learning, project-based learning and Theme Weeks. All classes are taught in English and led by a team of teachers from all over the world.


Thanks to the successes of the American Academy in Prague, American Academy in Brno, American Academy in Bratislava, and American Academy Online, we have decided to open the American Academy in Zagreb. American Academy focuses on the development of both academic and practical skills and competencies with each of our students. We offer an international, inspiring, motivating and friendly environment. With three successful schools in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia, we believe that we have the knowledge and experience to make the American Academy in Zagreb one of the most progressive and dynamic educational institutions in Croatia right from the start.

The American Academy in Zagreb will open as a high school in one of the most prominent office centres in Zagreb - Agram Office Center - in September 2021. Like the other American Academy schools, all classes at American Academy Zagreb will be taught in English by native speakers and for one week at the end of each trimester, students will participate in a school-wide project which we call a “Theme Week”. This is a week when students will not attend regular classes but instead focus on one major topic. American Academy is a school school designed for students who are looking for a modern educational program that will prepare them for a successful future in the 21st century.

Graduates of American Academy receive an American High School Diploma, which is the same diploma that students who graduate from high schools in the United States receive. With this diploma, American Academy graduates are able to study at universities anywhere in the world, just as students who graduate from International Baccalaureate and British schools are. 

High School

9th–12th GRADE

STEM High School

9th–12th GRADE

High School Program

High School students work to develop their strengths and focus on subjects that prepare them to study their dream disciplines at quality universities around the world.

Students are able to choose the subjects they want to study from the range of classes on offer. American Academy provides small classes and high quality teachers, as well as modern campuses and equipment. Individual attention to each of our students is also a core concept of our schools. American Academy puts a premium on a proactive communication with and between students, parents and staff. We hold monthly parent councils where parents can attend, ask questions and/or learn about recent developments and future plans. Parents also receive a monthly newsletter via email from the Head of School. Furthermore, to ensure constant improvement, an anonymous satisfaction survey is conducted every trimester among parents, students and teachers.


The STEM Program is an add-on to the regular High School Program especially designed for high school students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this specialized educational program, we acquaint students with up-to-date technologies, informatics and scientific methods and tools, and at the same time show them how to apply them in everyday life.

While students in the regular High School Program attend their classes,  STEM Program students attend two special blocks which are taught every day: Programming & Robotics and Science. Students have at their disposal special classrooms with first-class equipment, so the quality of our program is on par with top private schools in the United States.




Croatian language classes

Experienced teachers from around the world

Advanced placement and stem program

30 students in 2020/21 academic year

Family environment

Part of the established american academy network

Yamini Singh


Yamini Singh

Head of American Academy in Zagreb

Born and raised just outside of Washington DC, Yamini Singh grew up in a culturally diverse household. Spending her formative years shuffling between North America, Asia, and Europe only heightened her sense of cultural curiosity, and has lent her a unique perspective which she is eager to share with others.

Yamini holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Mary Washington (Virginia), a Master’s of Humanities with a concentration in Literature from Tiffin University (Ohio), and a CELTA Certificate. Additionally, some of her undergraduate coursework was completed at the Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis.

After studying and teaching in Paris, France, Yamini’s interest in education was sparked. She subsequently spent several years teaching the humanities in Doha, Qatar, and then in Prague, Czechia. She has also lived in Montreal, Canada.
Speaking English and French (and just enough Arabic and Hindi to get by), Yamini considers herself a “third culture kid” who has grown into a true global citizen. Her interests include Modernist art and literature, with a strong penchant for the surreal. She possesses a great passion for learning, and her joy is found engaging with young people in the classroom. She deeply believes education can change the world, and that in fact it is the only thing that ever has.


The subject offer is valid for the academic year 2021/22 only. The number of courses offered will increase every year. Subjects as Croatian language, History and Geography of the Republic of Croatia will be still mandatory for all students. Also, students whose mother language is Croatian must learn Croatian according to regular curriculum for high schools, and other students as a foreign language.

English Literature & Composition 3
World Literature 3
Speech Communication 1
Creative Writing 1
Debate 1
Psychology 3
United States History 3
International Relations 3
Integrated Sciences 3
Biology 3
Health & Nutrition 1
Physical Education 1
STEM Science 3
STEM Robotics and programming 3
Algebra I 3
Geometry 3
Foreign Language 3
Students applying to Grade 9:
Must obtain
credits during 12 trimesters
* prerequisite


In addition to our American-based curriculum, American Academy offers Theme Weeks inspired by Finnish academic tradition. Theme Week presents students with a school-wide project that develops skills and competencies such as communication, teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and project management. Here are just a few examples of Theme Weeks from American Academy in Zagreb's sister schools in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. 

MAGIC AND MYSTERIES - American Academy Prague

Students experienced a lot of different things this week – some went to escape rooms in Prague, some went on a haunted statues tour, others went on a cave trip and some even went to Kutná Hora. They experienced these things in order to learn important skills which helped them to conceptualize and organize their own final projects based on the same Magic and Mysteries theme.

These final projects included a phenomenal Haunted House, apuzzling escape room, podcasts, a charity bake sale, an art exhibition, a magic show - and the list goes on and on. Proceeds from the Haunted House, Escape Room and Bake Sale raised money for the SOS Children’s Villages (SOS Dětské vesničky) organization.

MAGIC AND MYSTERIES - American Academy Prague
NETWORKING-UP - American Academy Brno

This was the most challenging Theme Week students had been faced with. They were tasked with organizing their own business conference, which included everything from scouting venues to developing a program of speakers. Students managed the whole budget, established relationships with partners in the business community and even had to deal with the feeling of rejection. They gained valuable skills which can be applied in their future careers. The end result was an amazing conference held at Brněnské výstaviště which attracted a wide range of audience members which included students and businesspeople. Our students were filled with pride at what they had accomplished.

NETWORKING-UP - American Academy Brno
HALLOWEEK - American Academy Bratislava

Fear and Escape Rooms were the focuses of the first Theme Week at the American Academy in Bratislava. Even though it took place from October 21st – 26th, much planning and preparation came beforehand. We split the school into three main groups: Business, Bunker and Hospital. The Business group was in charge of advertising, sales, finances and customer service. The other two groups focused on their specific escape rooms. Students and faculty worked together to learn about fear, handle a business and present an excellent product to the public. We had dozens ofEscape Room customers coming in and leaving thrilled and satisfied on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

HALLOWEEK - American Academy Bratislava


Don’t expect long tests; we are mostly interested in the student’s character and enthusiasm. That’s why we focus on essays and a face-to-face interview. For the academic year 2021/22, we have available spaces for 30 students. 

Personal interview
High School
9th - 12th
65,000 HRK
STEM High School
9th - 12th
72,650 HRK

- 2021 -

An American Academy graduate is a confident young person who is engaged in the immediate world and mindful of the people that exist around them. They have developed confidence, learned to solve problems actively and will always take full ownership of their actions. They have discovered what their personal values are and are able to act upon them in good conscience.
Having graduated from an international school, these students are ready to begin higher education anywhere in the world, including at the most esteemed universities.


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